Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Human Touch

Have you noticed that as people acquire more communication devices, the less we know how to have a conversation? It's great to be 'wired' and spread your thoughts around the world, but there comes a time and place when talking to another human being in person is helpful - very helpful.

Believe it or not, the art of conversation usually requires more than 140 characters and a 'Like' button. The human voice can reveal a treasure chest of emotions, and sometimes a pause of silence can speak a thousand words. Your voice and body language can convey the very essence of your thoughts - for better or worse. They relate your feelings better than any computer software program ever will.

It is precisely for those reasons that as we build our 'social networks' and 'brands', it is important to remember the power of one on one communication, or rather the human touch. Although most of us have a plethora of  websites, usernames, profiles, and resumes - people still want to see us, smell us, touch us and talk to us. That's just how human beings are wired.

Instead of dismissing these opportunities to connect, we should create more opportunities to bring our 2D persona into the 3D world. If who you are on paper and on screen, is authentic, meeting people in person will usually enhance your likeability (flaws and all). The plain truth is, people want to know you, not just know of you.

After some thought, if you realize that you don't actually like your circle of 'friends' (it happens), change your friends! We all have the ability to pivot in new directions. Once you change direction, make like Diana Ross and Reach Out and Touch!

Ciao Bella,
Lauri Lyons

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