Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Creative Journey Continues

Whew! It has been quite a long time since I created a new blog post. What have I been up to? Well, let's see... Publishing Nomads Magazine, shooting & publishing the Flag International book, shooting 'Inspiration' - a celebrity portrait book, mounting art exhibitions, reporting for the Huffington Post, teaching photo classes, traveling to Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil (and a few other places I can't recall at this moment), and living an unpredictable life in New York City. Other than that, I haven't been up to too much.

If I had to write about all the lessons I've learned since my last blog posting, cyber space would run out of space. What I will say about that time, is that my life has been FULL. If you need a visual, just conjure up rainforests, camels, hot air balloons, crocodiles, subways, perpetually half packed suitcases, LOTS of laughs, BIG fights and sterile photo labs.

Now in my new phase, it's time to create new thoughts, new ways of being, and new ways to engage the world. So this new blog post is about someone who recently inspired me to be more proactive, more curious, and more productive. His name is Inaki Escudero, and he is the Chief Creative Officer (I like that title) and Partner, of globalWORKS.

To make a very long resume short, Inaki is basically a walking creative sponge. For the past 5 years he has read one book per week, and wrote reviews about each book. He also writes over 300 blog posts per year, runs a large advertising agency, has several children, runs marathons, and has time to participate in panel discussions that I invite him to, at the last minute. Oh yeah, Inaki is also bilingual, and a very nice man, of course.

Feel lazy yet? I sure do. In order to be able to function on a high level like Inake, I realize that most of us mere mortals don't need more energy, intelligence or time. What we need is more CURIOSITY.  Curiosity + passion + discipline, go a long way in our never ending quests for creativity. When its all said and done, the goal of living a creative life should not be about 'making it', but rather, making things we are curious about.

Ciao bella,

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